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  1. Nicole

    I have NEVER met anyone whose bathroom looks SO much like mine – I just started this last night and was not sure on the right size baskets, but I am NOW going to order these ~ FAB, FAB, FAB! BTW – found your blog through Making it Lovely

  2. Update Bathroom Vanity / Bathroom Cabinets - QueenOfDIY.com

    […] to your diy bathroom vanity refacing project! After the bathroom vanity is updated, be sure to organize your bathroom cabinets as well!AKPC_IDS += "10,"; Comments […]

  3. Wednesday

    At last! Someone with organizing ideas that are inexpensive and WORK! Thanks sooooo much for the tip on the stackable baskets, and shoving things into rectangles/then measuring. I’ve been looking for something like those baskets, soooo tired of plastic shoeboxes. Thanks for your creativity and generosity. (Found you through Stumble.

  4. helen

    you’re bathroom is sooooooo organized! my dilemma is how to organize my 2 month old son’s stuff. i already bought plastic baskets similar to the ones you use and also plastic storage boxes but i don’t know what to put in those baskets (i mean groups of stuff to put on those baskets). i want my son’s stuff to be organized as your bathroom stuff. thanks 🙂

  5. Meena

    I have been trying to find out how to organise my bathroom when I came across this.Where can I order these baskets from?

    Thanks a lot!

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