19 responses to “Candle Making 101”

  1. Barbara Smith

    I have been to so many web sites and none of the compare to this one. I love it it gives me step by step on how to do things. I have also learned that there are different ways to do things. And you also have helped me figure out what I was doing wrong while making my candles and have now solved the problem. Thank you so much !!!!

  2. Mariam Mehmood

    I consider that is the best way of making candels.Your style and method makes it more innovative.
    I am ery happy ag getting this wonderfully handy assiatance.
    Thank you very much!

  3. Gilda

    Do you have any sugestion on a good candle making kit? I haven’t found a kit that is complete with absolutely everything one will need.
    Please let me kow if you have a recomendation.

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  5. alesha

    kool!!! I am now a candlemaker; you did an exceptional job …

  6. nida

    Do you have a video where you teach step by step how to make candles. I mean not just photos, a complete video with your narration?

  7. Nancy

    I appreciate your site giving step by step directions for candle making. I wanted to ask about the pouring pitchers…how easy are they to clean? I want to do some candles for our VBS with traditional wax and also some gel “wax”, but I do not want the two to mix. Any advice? Should I just plan to use 2 separate containers? Thanks!

  8. carlos

    best candle making website ever. i am going to start this tomorrow. ty so much

  9. donia

    the link i send is what im looking for i want to now step by step and what is the equepment

  10. aimee ang

    Thumbs up! I’m so glad I’ve found a website that would cater to my needs. I love all the categories you have enlisted because I have a passion for these things and I’m so happy that I got to discover this by chance.. Thank you for giving me more inspiration on the things I love and giving me a brighter side by sharing ideas and tips on various aspects. More power!

  11. Celeste

    Thank you so much for your step-by-step tutorial. It is very informative and what’s most important does not leave anything out especially for us neebies. Thanks

  12. srihitha

    i tried this its very difficult and u did a good job

  13. Sara Beatti

    This is awesome. I bought a candle making kit and the instructions confused me so when I found this website I finally got the courage to make them. I used baby food jars (and painted them for Christmas gifts) and it worked perfect!

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  15. srinithya

    i am a beginner. so which site i should prefer to make candles

  16. srinithya

    were can we find all these things if we want to start

  17. cooldizzy

    i appreciate ur site giving step by step directions for candle making… enjoy & i make d candle….my frenzz r say superb.. So, lotzzzzzz of thanzzzzz 2 publish d website…

  18. Fran

    Hello, Your candle making instructions are great! I have an idea and hope you can help. I think I own the last three Healing Garden Lavender candles on the planet, my most favorite scent; I also have HG Lavender body wash, body lotion, fragrance mist, and body soak for the bath … which product, if any, could I substitute for fragrance to make my own candles, and how much would I use (the fragrance mist is probably out because it’s flammable)? Thank you!! 🙂

  19. Donald

    Thank you! These directions are incredibly easy to follow to make a pretty much perfect candle. I love the fact that you’ve included adding scents to the candles created here as well. My favorite types of candles are scented candles. Again Thank you for your time and the easy to follow, detailed instructions. Let the candle making begin!

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