5 responses to “Candle Making: Tools of the Trade”

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    […] guide, I’ll show you the basics of how to make candles at home. Be sure to grab up all the candle making tools you need […]

  2. Aville Grace Morris

    The scale I ordered was one that you would use in the kitchen I hope that One can be used for the testing of the wax after it has melted for pouring

  3. kudrat

    i think that u know better than me!!!!!!!

  4. Jessica

    if you use colored fragrance, will it affect the candle? What are some good websits to get all my candle making supplies inexpensively?

  5. Yensis

    Hello, can i use my gas stove to do the double boil for melting the wax? I saw somewhere that you should only use electric stove top. Thanks

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