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  1. Marie

    Great easy to follow instructions. My only problem is that on all of the how to hollow out a book things ive seen none of them tell me how i can keep all the pages the same measurements. Once you cut out the first few pages wont the lines be gone? I have a feeling its going to take a few trys to get this right. thanks anyway!

  2. Pat

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I really want to.

    @1-2: Perhaps making a stencil of sorts would work best: a cardboard square the same size of the book with the exact size opening you want. Then, cut a few pages at a time and work your way down. This would eliminate losing the lines. Don’t know if it would work; just a suggestion.

  3. Grace

    Hey there,

    I love this idea and I’m making it as a gift for my boyfriend, but I noticed a discrepency in the “what you need”/step 2. In “what you need” it says that 70% craft glue should be used with 30% water, but these amounts differ in the instructions. Just wanted to let you know =)

  4. Patricia Rodgers


    I was wondering how you could use the book jacket? Would you glue the back flap with the pages?

    Thanks for any info you can give!

  5. katie

    Is it possible to use plain elmers glue instead of craft glue?

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