6 responses to “Crochet Yarn Weights & Hook Sizes”

  1. Vera

    Just found this site and it gives me the informataion I have been looking for. TY so much for this info.

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  3. Lynn Tucker

    I am trying to learn how the size of crochet yarn is computed. It is by weight (ozs) or by size of the yarn?
    The chart on this post shows numbers from 0 – 6? What do these numbers mean. Where on the labels will I find the numbersize. None of my yarn has this kind of numbering.

    If something calls for 9 oz of 0008 of (brand of thread) would bedspread crochet thread work as well?

  4. Sue Jones

    Hi, I have an old Twilleys of Stamford crochet pattern for a bedspread. It recommends using Twilleys Stalite, or Galaxia 3 or Crysette for the yarn and a size 3.5 crochet hook. Uable to find any of this yarn and unsure as to what I should use, any suggestions would be grateful as I’m getting no-where. Thanks

  5. Shelby Jane

    I recently stumbled upon a pattern that suggests using a size 3.0mm hook, all I can find around my house is a 6.0mm hook. What would I need to change about the patten in order to change the hook size? Thank you so much for your help.

  6. michelle144

    can any one help me if i am making a purse and the instructions say to use a 4.5mm and i use a 4mm how much smaller would it be the bags size is 13in. in height and 16in. in width

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