12 responses to “A Bathroom Vanity Makeover”

  1. SlushTurtle

    I love the vanity! I can’t believe anyone would tell you to throw that charming thing out! Great makeover. So the spray paint top, what kind of texture is that? I guess the only stone paints I’ve ever used had a rough texture, which I would think would be hard to clean.

  2. DIY Claire

    That is an impressive DIY makeover!! I did not realise it was the same unit until I read the first comment.

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  3. April Iorio Kolen

    Impressive. I have an old ugly vanity covered by laminate from 1976.I am looking to refurbish the bathrooms and stain the vanity. But the top is just plain hideous. If you could do it over again would you strip the laminate off somehow? Then would you use the stone paint?

  4. monica

    thats amazing. Did you do anything special for the sink? I see rust and just wondered how you get rid of it or camouflage it.

  5. Nat

    Thanks for the spray paint on laminate tip! I was trying to find a way to update our old vanity & this is IT!!!!!!!

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  7. Jo

    Thanks so much! This is wonderful information for those of us who are not good at looking at something and seeing the potential. Our sink is cracking so the top of our vanity needs to be replaced, but I love the ideas and the pictures for updating the cabinets. Thanks!

  8. Paul

    Wow, what a difference.

    I recently did something like this but I used White Gloss Vanity Units instead.

    Very nice.

  9. Lisa

    I read this and stopped what I was doing to my vanity to try this! I painted them with the Rust-Oleum counter tint which covered nicely but left marks from the sponge roller. I bought this today along with a sealant to go over the rough texture, which i hope will work. Did you use a sealant on yours?

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