4 responses to “DIY Patio Lattice Fence”

  1. ana

    I love your diy, so pretty and in this hot summer so nice, maybe an umbrella and a lot of flowers.

  2. Mishell

    Great! I can already picture it with those climbing plants all over the lattice! You should definitely post a picture with the tiki torches at night

  3. Michael Firstman@ Mig Welder Prices

    I love the tiki torch idea. That and a barbecue and I’ll be a happy camper. The furniture pictured there is also a nice touch in an eccentric kin d of way 🙂 What did you replace them with in the end?

  4. DiyEx

    Such a great, simple idea to make the most of an unused patch of concrete. Love the firepit! I have to get one of those!

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