Doormat Shopping

A doormat is a doormat by any other name right?

Sure, sure. But that doesn’t change the fact that we can obsess over something so seemingly small and insignificant. But really, is it? It’s one of the very first things your guests will see when they’re entering you’re home. Maybe it’s even a bit understated.

Well, I can tell you that our doormat situation hasn’t been looking very welcoming as of late. I bought this cute little leaf-shaped doormat for fall, oh I don’t know, three years ago or so. Then, it kind of just stayed there — through winters, and summers, and springs, and yet more falls. Despite the fact that it’s so clearly a leaf and meant for fall, it’s also looking a bit sad. The bright colors have faded and it is no longer very cute at all.

I won’t picture it here, it’s not necessary because it’s just…well, sad.

So, I’ve been doormat shopping. We’re trying to work on our curb appeal a bit, slowly but surely-ish. So I thought this would be a quick n’ dirty decision. But, it’s turning out to be another big decision just like everything else.

That’s okay though, of course. I don’t mind tearing my hair out over a doormat. My husband would have another opinion on that altogether, but he just doesn’t realize how important this is.

I’ve been drawn lately to the half-moon shaped doormats with the iron lacing type designs. However, I also am kind of liking the good ol’ classic “Welcome” mat as well. Here’s the options I’m thinking of:

Doormat Comparison

I know, I know, they all look the same for the most part. Well, not entirely. I’ve got the scrollwork down. I definitely like that. But, there are some other elements to consider. The price for all of them are about the same, so that’s not the issue.

Let’s break it down, shall we.

1. Smith and Hawken® Half-Moon Doormat (Target) – $19.99

2. Serene Garden Rubber Cast Iron Door Mat (Amazon) – $18.68

3. Esschert Design Rubber Doormat with Cocos (Amazon) – $19.95

4. DII Welcome Half-Moon Shape Rubber Scroll Gate Doormat (Amazon) – $24.00

5. Gardman Welcome Mat (Amazon) – $11.49

Price-wise, they are all free shipping (with a certain amount), except for number five. But, even with shipping, that one ends up being around the same price as the others, so no big there.

Looks-wise, the first two are about the same, with number four being similar, but with the “Welcome” text included. The only thing I don’t like about number four though is the scrollwork isn’t my favorite. It almost looks mechanical with little gear-looking flowers. The “Welcome” text also gives the appearance right off of being on a train or something. Maybe because of the circles underneath? I don’t like that, but I like that the text is in the scrollwork design, which I’m obviously fond of.

What I like about number three is that it has the scroll work, but it is kind of anchored with the coir in the background. On a similar note, I also found this one on Amazon as well, which I like too. It has a more simple scroll work design and it’s cheaper than any of the others at $12.99 with free shipping.

Then we have number five, which is pretty much unlike any of the others, with the exception of the scrollwork. I like that it’s just a classic “Welcome” mat, but I sort of wish it was in a half-round format so it could combine everything I like about the others.

Overall, I just don’t know. I’m going to have to mull over it for a few days and make my final decision in a little while.

What are your thoughts on welcome mats, and what are your favorite types/styles?

3 responses to “Doormat Shopping”

  1. Natalia

    I like #1, it has nice thick rubberwork. I think it is A) the most realiztic looking- real cast iron wouldn’t be so thin. B) I think it will last longer through the seasons. Just my 2 cents worth!!!

  2. sherry

    well… i like number 3 because it has the scrollwork (very pretty and useful for scraping muddy shoes) and coir which is great for absorbing the wetness from rainy day shoes…. good luck with your shopping!
    ps: LOVE this website; have learned SO much – thanks!!

  3. Crafty grandma

    No 1 2 & 4 doormat will collect the dust and mud and snow in the scroll….3 & 5 will clean off your shows but the dirt will remain on the under carpet…if you get this one you will have to air dry it after torrential rainfalls and snowfalls…well they will be buried underneath!! At the present time, I have one made of sisal with footprints outlined and so far it has been the best one I’ve had yet…but that is only my opinion! It dries pretty quick but I still check underneath for mildew (we’ve had torrential downpours) Good luck in shopping and do share! Love your site!

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