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  1. Angela

    I have been trying to find a website like yours for ages as I have a grand daughter who is now 3 years old and wanted a step by step guide but everything was too confusing for me.
    Thank you. I found you by accident and have saved this beginners guide page to help me make a start.
    Will let you know how I get on. Will try and find out whether there are any beginners classes in my area next to guide me also, but will pass on this page to other beginners who I know are interested.

    1. Leia Sands

      I ran across this url link, as I searched for How To Knit for Beginners, my sister and I are going to try and learn. We hope we can, I’ve been crocheting for years and so has she, but we’ve always thought about learning to Knit. I hope it’s just as simple as crocheting, I HOPE!! lol!

  2. Angela

    Glad I found this site of yours as it is very helpful for step by step guide.
    Will pass on to other beginners like myself.
    Will also now try and find classes in my area or, do you have any suggestions?

  3. Kate

    I cant understand a thing! the layout is terrible!!!

  4. Alyssa

    Thanks, this helped me a lot.9:

  5. Ngozi

    Thank you so much!
    I’m only 11 and have been meaning to learn to knit for the longest time, but I have lately been overwelmed with homework.
    This was very easy for me to understand and I’ve been knitting a bunch for the past few weeks since I accidentally found your website…Thanks again!

  6. Kathryn

    Thank you so much! The instructions are very helpful. My 4 year old has been wanting to knit so I thought it would be a wonderful thing for us to learn together.

  7. Nicole (13)

    Heyy, Thank You I Have Made Myself Quite A Few Scarfs Now As I have Followed Instructions. And I Crochet So This Is Quite Easy To Do. Thank Youu 🙂

    1. JESSICA


  8. Faye

    I’m trying to make a baby afghan, and am knitting 3 then purling 3. I made a mistake and knit3 when I should have purled 3. How do I undo the mistake?

  9. Jessika

    I am so glad i finally found your webpage. I have been looking for step by step instructions (that i could actually understand) all night. I am happy i finally found yours, thanks this is so helpfull. P.S. the layout is fantastic 😉

  10. Kerrie

    I am a very beginner at knitting. I have my first grandchid due in Sept. I thought it would be nice to knitt he a baby blanket. I found your website and it is very helpful. The problem I am having is my hands and fingers do not want to cooperate. Any suggestion?

  11. Camille

    I am new to knitting. I can cast on, knit a row, purl a row, but I can’t seem to alternate knit and purl stitches. I know I am doing something wrong with where I put the yarn. Can you post a little series of pictures when you have time? Thanks!

  12. Lorraine

    Thank you so much for such an easy to follow knotting guide. I have tried to learn several times but gave up because it was so confusing. I am expecting a baby and am going to attemp a blanket.

  13. Alison

    Thank you so much! Your website is so helpful. My grandma taught me how to knit & crochet when I was a little girl. I kept up the crochet, but have gotten very rusty with my knitting. Thanks to you, I feel confident enough to follow patterns and knit my own garments again!! Thanks heaps!!

  14. Elizabeth

    Hi there !

    I have problems to make this stitch knit 2 tog and then twist the wool could you please show me this .
    Thank you .

  15. Elizabeth

    I like to know how to do this stitch
    knit 2 tog then twist the wool . Thank you .

  16. bemma

    thanks this was very helpful especially with the pictures.

  17. Nichole

    This is so wonderful. These are easy to understand and the step by step photos are beynond helpful. Thank you so very much. This is so perfect.

  18. padma

    Thank you so much for such an easy step by step knitting guide.My 4 year old wants me to knitt something special for her & I think it will be a really agreat fun.

  19. charles hitchcock

    how to cast off at both ends and again in following rows?

  20. Mabelyn

    I searched the internet and this was the only website where i actually understood anything.! thnks a bunch.! – happily knitting booties for my baby cousin.<3

  21. muriel

    i would like to know more on knitting such as how to pick up a dropped stitch etc.

  22. muriel

    when i drop a stich and don’t see the error for awhile is there any way to fix it?

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  24. Katie

    I found this to be VERY helpful! It was even more helpful than the books that I purchased initially. The only thing that is missing is a section about fixing mistakes. I would really appreciate it if you could give a step-by-step guide to fixing errors as I am finding it to be a difficult task.

  25. eileen chua

    I start knitting since last year, find your website very useful for beginners, n hope u can post more new sts @ your web, such as PUK, KFB, M1, and how to increase sts w/O seeing a hole:-) thks

  26. Joanne

    I have been asked to give instructions to some children at a Volteer center on how to knit and I have been looking for a site that would help me do this … I am very glad to find ours with th e step by steps thank you for putting this up ..

  27. LeReid

    Hi, I have wanted to learn to knit for years. I want to know if you have any advice for beginners. I am going to purchase the needles and yarn to start praticing soon. I love all of the projects I have viewed online of shawls and etc. I would love to learn to make some for myself and my daughters.

  28. Rienie

    Very well done.Easy to follow. I will endeavour to teach my daughter and granddaughter. Thank you

  29. Marlena

    How do you make other shapes: round pot holders, sweaters, gloves, etc? How to you transition from the basic rectangle? Obviously I’m new at this. Thanks!

  30. Kelly

    This is, by far, The Easiest, The most thorough, most accurate tutorial that I have found anywhere on the Web. I always wanted to learn to knit, but never had anyone to teach me. With your help, I have now taught myself and it’s such a thrill to see the stitches coming together! Thanks a million!

  31. Barbara

    Does anyone have or know where I can find a conversion chart for knit stitches. I ordered a doll pattern from a woman in England, and the stitches aren’t written in English. Thank you in advance for your help!

  32. Abby

    Thank you SO much! I am teaching myself how to knit and your instructions are by far the best I have found.

  33. Victor

    This site has done what $80 spent on several books marketed towards people wishing to learn how to knit has not. Thank you!

  34. mimi

    hi, just want to drop by and left the message here.. just found your blog by chance.. its a very nice and understandable step-by-step guide for beginner like me..

  35. Jo

    This is awesome! I finally figured out how to knit. Since my grandma died i’ve been intrigued with knitting after watching her for years, like a pro. Thanks SO much!

  36. rainist

    first time and i already understand what to do awesome understandable instructions

  37. Anna

    I decided to start knitting to relax me and bought a book and it did nothing and then I found you! Wayyyy better and so much easier to understand! 🙂 Thank you. I now feel like a knitting pro!!

  38. Name: (required)ruthie days

    thank you for your step-by-step photos and instructions. I used them to re-learn how to knit. I couldn’t stop and didn’t know the term but ur photos showed me how to “cast off” !! I’m so happy, I can now finish and turn in my little squares for the “warm up america” project at work. Gracias! ruthie

  39. Joyce

    The pictures made it very easy to follow. I now can say I know how to knit! My last attempts were more of something to laugh at then to be proud of…Thanks for your help!

  40. jasmine

    I learned alot this will be a piece of cake i mean a piece of art

  41. Anne Gelinas

    Thanks I am getting started.

  42. Liz

    thx for uploading this. it’s very helpful.

  43. Katrina

    Hi, Could you better explain what you mean when you say, “Wrap the yarn counter clockwise around the right needle, and behind the left needle.-I mean after I do that, well the picture isn’t very explanatory,and I have been so frustrated trying to figure out your explication to this one step. Not just that step but the next one after that. Below-
    Pull the yarn through the loop so it is on the right needle (like above). What loop from where are you referring to? The loop previously there on the right or the left???? Because of the undetailed of it all, I have not been able to move forward with my kitting. So if you could please let me know how to work those two steps, that would be great.

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  46. stephen

    man thanks this helped me a lot:)

  47. Diesel

    Have been trying to learn to knit or crochet for years. Found this page, three days later I have completed my first project. I cannot thank you enough!!

  48. lahariravikumar


  49. Kate

    This is great!! I got it the first time! Just one question is this tutorial good for making a blanket? If not.. Could you do one that shows how to? Thank you(:

  50. Julia

    What needles should I use, as a beginner?

  51. Harmonei

    I love the layout! I have been want to learn how to knit for the longest time. I am so greatful to have found this site! Thank you!

  52. Ana Smith

    Hi. I am 11 years old and I wanted to learn how to knit. i only figured out how to do that when I saw all of your easy steps and I figured it out without anyone elses help.

  53. Harsha

    These instructions are simply awesome!!! I wanted to restart knitting after a gap of over 12 years.These instructions are very easy to follow and I am back in the grove again!! Thank you!!

  54. Rachel

    Thanks so much for your guide! This is the first set of instructions that has actually given me a proper purl stitch that is easy for me to do.

  55. michelle

    You made so easy a five year old can do it! Thanks!!!!!

  56. Felicity


    This is so simple to understand, Thank you so much! I’m also interested in making a blanket and just wondering if there is a simple way to do so… this will be my first knitting experience too!

    Thank you!

  57. Shan

    I’m glad that I found this site and as I am just learning how to knit and it could even be better if you included a step by step video.

  58. Anna

    This website was so helpful my mum had bought me a knitting kit so i ken how to cast on ans knit rows but the instructions for purling and casting off were so complicated every time i ran out of yarn i wold just stop with nothing to do next so this webpage taught me alot thanks

  59. Terri

    This was Awsome!Ive been wanting to learn how to Knit for years and never seemed to understand anyone.This was simple and clear!thank you!

  60. Angel

    Wow!Thank you!I’ts very help me!:)

  61. Sherida

    Out of the copious amounts of “how to” knit sites, yours is the one I found to be most helpful and simple to follow. Thanks for teaching me how to knit!

  62. Jacquie

    Thank you, you tutorial is awesome and the best I’ve come by so far. Once I decided I wanted to learn how to knit I ran out and picked up numerous books. All of which did a poor job of explaining the very basics of knitting. Thanks again.

  63. Stephanie


    Thanks so much for this blog. It’s well done and easy to follow, and the first place I stayed when learning to knit.

    I do have one comment though. When I follow your instructions for the purl stitch and alternate between purl and knit every row, my pattern looks exactly like your pictures on both sides of the piece.

    However, I noticed that knit work I’ve seen usually tends to look like this on one side:

    I did a bit more research and found that other instructions for purl stitch, though almost same as yours, have the needle entering through the top of the loop rather than the bottom. When I tried this and alternated between knit and purl again, my piece did look like the above picture on the knit side and like your pictures on the other side of the work.

    Here’s a video I found of what I mean (not to steal your thunder, but just so you can see what I’m talking about):

    I’m wondering if your purl stitch is slightly mistaken or simply a different way, as I’m new to knitting. Thanks!

  64. tiara

    i love knitting but i can’t knit like this because i only have 1 needle so could you make a new knit that only use 1 needle please

  65. rachel k

    Your guide is lovely thank you. How do you feel about crochet? I have done that in the past but it grew boring and wanted to take up knitting, but have been intimidated. As an experienced knitter can you expatiate on any experience with both techniques and how they differ? thank you.

  66. Lara

    This is so cool!!!
    I am super excited to be learning how to knit again.

  67. lucy atkinson

    very easy to follow i keep this in my favourates well done’

  68. Rachel

    Thank u so much this was so helpful and pls post some videos

  69. jhon

    You people are crazy I love to knit but what you showed was a complete waste of time , so if I were to rate you from 1-10. I would definitely give you a solid 4.

  70. lucy atkinson

    i would like to know how to do some of the stitches example
    ca’tbo yo’ psso’

  71. Freshdew

    can u pleas explain how i can make the second row. thank u

  72. Chiderah

    This is very helpful to me. I found it useful. I been looking 4 a site like this.

  73. Barbara

    Thank you for the simplicity of your instructions. I am teaching my Grandchild how to knit because Nanas know everything. I learnt as a child but had forgotten, now I am teaching as I learn from you.

  74. amy

    If you insert your needle the way you say to purl, you will get a knit stitch. You have to insert it from right to left.

  75. Ginny

    Knitting again after 30 years off. Thank you for the very easy to understand casting on and binding off. As my prayer shawl neared 6 feet, I couldn’t remember how to stop! Thank you!!

  76. Melody

    i love this website i just started doing this and i got a beginners book but i look at it and im lost thank you for making it eassy for me.

  77. Ginny

    Thabk you… excellent help.

  78. candice wong

    thank you so much. I was so confused by other instuctions I found hat I considered giving up but now I feel confident I can do it

  79. Suzy

    I think you need to change the word for knitting implements to knitting needles instead of calling them “hooks” in the cast-on part of the instructions. The term “hooks” is not associated with knitting and is confusing.
    Thank you.

  80. angel

    Hi could you please make a video version thank you

  81. gemma

    this really helped me

  82. Kris

    I found this page very useful for starting a basic knitting project. Casting on, casting off and the knit stitch were very easy to do following your instructions. Your description of purl stitching however did not work and I needed to look elsewhere. I think it is important to mention that in switching from knit to purl you need to bring your yarn from the back to the front of your knitting project. Also, the needle is inserted from the front of the loop (and in front of the left needle) in a purl stitch not from the back of the loop (left side of the loop) as shown in your image. When I did the stitch as shown in your picture I just ended up with another knit stitch. Thanks for taking the time to make this instructional site though!

  83. lu

    I have been wanting to learn how to knit for a while now. I started with this website, and knitting. I couldn’t understand half of the instructions. they need to explain it much better. I kept messing up and I never knew what I did wrong.

  84. Knit your own heirloom

    […] for those knitting novices amongst you, I would direct you to the site http://www.queenofdiy.com/stitchery/knitting-beginners-guide.html or http://www.knittinghelp.com/ for a basic introduction to the two key stitches – knit and purl, […]

  85. kaz

    Hi I will be teaching people to knit at classes in a few weeks and found your site by accident. A colleague at work could not knit and I showed her your instructions and hey presto a new knitter.
    thanks and I will be directing my students to your site.
    Kaz (UK)

  86. Emma Jhonson

    i am 10 and has found kniting easy after going through this website. thank you 😀

  87. Cherry

    Like your instructions. It’s been over 50 years since I’ve knitted anything.Sorry there are those that don’t like your site. I would suggest they take a second or third or even a fourth look. We don’t always get it n the first try. Even the most experienced knitters mess up and have to pull out and start over. When Iget new instructions and even new recipes I read them through maybe twice before I start
    The same with tutorials. Watch them a few times before picking up your needles. After all this it make taking starting over multple time but then all of a sudden Oh now I understand. HAPPY KNITTING.

  88. Tristram

    Awesome! thankyou, I decided to learn knitting for some reason, got lots of groovy yarn, and made myself some acrylic uv needles, and then realized I don’t even know how to knit, well, Wish me luck! cheers me dears!

  89. Noreen

    Thank you so much for the detailed and simple way of demonstrating how to knit.I for the first time finally have learned how to knit, thanks to you!!
    I am so happy:)I thought i was a complete hopeless case.

  90. Richard

    Hi, Thank you. Helpful tutorial, I will try it out.

    But so as not to confuse beginners, could you rewrite using terms like from left to right over the needle but not clockwise?

  91. Dakota

    Thank you I’m 14 and found this very easy to follow and I thank you again.

  92. Madeline

    Thank you so much! I have tried a lot of websites but they never seem to work. This website has helped me so much! Thank you!!! : )

  93. Kora

    I’m 13 and this is a little hard. I already know how to knit and the way i learned is due to a rythme:

    In the window,
    Up the back,
    Around the corner,
    And off jumps Jack!

  94. Lexy

    I got a little confused the first try at it using your instructions on the first row of stitches.
    Because you didn’t specify to go clockwise like you did in the directions for the second row of stitches to go counter clockwise!

    Other than that easy and wonder step by step for beginners!
    LOVE IT!(:

  95. isabella

    i loved this site because i have been wanting to knit

  96. Macy

    This was awesome! I am only nine and I now know how to knit! Thank you so much. Do you have any kids?

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