Share Your Favorite DIY Project

Hi all! I hope all of you Queens of DIY are doing well. It’s summer time! Time to get some of our outdoor DIY projects going. We’re currently working on getting the flower beds in our front yard in order and prettified. We need to fill them up with extra soil because there’s not enough. Then we’ll be laying down yard fabric to block the weeds, adding some new plants and bushes, and topping it all off with wood chips! I’m so excited. I’ll be sure to share the finished result when we get there.

But I’m in need of some inspiration too. I have some DIY projects in mind, but I’ve been a bit in a project lull lately. So what I want from you guys is to share with me a DIY project that you’ve come across lately that has inspired you. Just leave the link in the comments and I’ll check them all out. I might even feature your pick in an upcoming post!

So leave your favorite DIY project link below and feel free to let me know what you’ve been working on lately!

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  1. Kay

    Love your article scraps vs. crap – I just finished sorting and thought I could leave you a link to my tutorials.
    Hope you have a good start into the week!

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